2008-01-04 17:10:15: Need to Create a Great Résumé?

Here are some tips on how to write a great résumé.
First, start with the basics – a clean, simple professional format with all of your important contact information details. Experts says that HR professionals only spend 10-30 seconds per résumé, so you need to know how to make yours “pop.” Making sure the information is catchy and concise can mean the difference between getting an interview or not.
Experts also suggest spending the money and getting your résumé professionally written – it’s well worth the cost.
Determine your professional objective. Clearly define what you are looking for in a career position – even if you decide to change it later, you should have at least some direction you are working towards. This will tell the HR professionals what sort of asset you will be. From there, you can also tailor your résumé around your stated objective, making it an attractive, professional and seamless narrative.
As you begin fleshing out the rest of your résumé, an important thing to keep in mind is to be clear and concise – you want to attract the interest and attention of the hiring professionals and get an interview, so try to think of what would be of interest to a hiring professional in your chosen line of work.
Bullet points with brief descriptions and key phrases work well to sum up important information. Using “action” key words such as managed, developed, presented will also help get you a second look. Experts say computers are now scanning résumés and picking those who have the key words HR professionals select.
Number crunching is also attractive on a résumé – use $ and % to put value on your successes – and don’t be afraid to brag about the money you brought in to your employers. Remember, you need to sell yourself as an invaluable asset.
Call attention to your strengths – put your relevant talents ahead of the others – it will catch the eye quicker.
Tailor your resume to fit the needs of the employer. Examine the job description and match your bullet points to the key words in the advertisement.
Avoid potentially negative and unimportant points, such as age, race, weight.
Leave “white space” – don’t worry about jamming as much information as you can on your resume – a more “open” looking résumé will catch the eye. The idea is to make it attractive and easy to review, so make sure your font is no smaller than 10 point, and it’s best to keep the length to 1 page.
Have another pair of eyes review your résumé – a friend or family member – someone who will be able to point out omissions, misspellings and grammatical errors that Word doesn’t catch. There are also professional résumé critiquing services that are well worth the investment.
A good cover letter is also an attractive introduction to your résumé. There are plenty of good examples of cover letters online to use as a basis for your own. Don’t forget to tailor it to the unique specifications of the job you are seeking.
Hone your interview skills in preparation for the interviews your great résumé will be generating, and best of luck in your search for the perfect job!