2007-11-09 15:21:48: Thinking About Other Careers in the Funeral Industry?

The Funeral Care Industry is full of interesting and sometimes lucrative career options. The variety of positions available are also very personally fulfilling professions, as they are truly service-oriented. You have to like working with people – especially people who are perhaps experiencing a devastating loss, so compassion and understanding are truly professional requirements.

The first profession people think about in Funeral Care is the Funeral Director, but there are many other career options in the field. Many of the career paths involve selling – “soft” sales, really, as there are often laws prohibiting solicitation for funeral services – so you are generally working with people who are seeking you out. The sales often involve Life Insurance, pre-paid Plans, and those interested in pre-planning their final services. Often, experience or licensure is not necessary – it is frequently on-the-job training. Professional, ethical behavior is expected, as well as knowledge of the products and services sold. With some of the larger companies, a good salesperson can expect to make a tidy salary.

Then there are the miscellaneous positions – the receptionist or administrative assistant, groundskeeper, driver. Frequently these are part-time positions, though in some of the busier places, they are full-time, and even on-call, hours. Again, both the receptionist and driver positions will require patience, understanding and compassion, as well as excellent attention to detail.

The rewards of being in this job are often not monetary – it is particularly fulfilling to be there as a comfort in a time of need, to give aid and guidance and support. Families who have experienced a loss often show a range of emotions from anger to vulnerability, and it takes a special person to deal with often conflicting emotions and behavior from the bereaved.

How to get into the field? There are some industry-specific sites, such as, that can help. They post jobs in the industry, from Funeral Director to Driver and everything in between. You can post a résumé online as well, and even sign up for an RSS feed to keep updated on any positions that match your interests. It might be a good idea to talk to your local Funeral Director – he or she may have some advice on the industry locally or even have or know of open positions in the area. You will also get a better idea of the true nature of the job at hand – the hours and pay you can expect, the perks and the downside.