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Schedules funerals, performs sales activities, maintains records, and documents transactions within the City of Lubbock Cemetery. Provides information to customers and other businesses.


  • Schedule services performed on cemetery grounds;
  • Generate and participate in cemetery sales and service;
  • Discuss lot locations with prospective buyers, advise about cemetery policies and cost of property, arrange for the sale of lots;
  • Assist funeral directors with funeral arrangements, ensure that all interments and disinterments are legal and in order;
  • Coordinate funeral services with maintenance and operations;
  • Design advertising, promotional programs and public relations;
  • Work with customer complaints and attempt to settle the complaint to ensure maximum customer satisfaction;
  • Maintain records and prepare reports;
  • Perform related duties as directed.


Completion of a high school diploma or the equivalent with an additional one to three years responsible experience in cemetery sales and operations or any combination of relevant education and experience which provides the following:

Valid Current Driver’s License


Knowledge of:

  • Accounting and recordkeeping procedures;
  • Sales, marketing;
  • General management procedures;
  • Cemetery operations.

Ability to:

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, city officials, other city departments, funeral directors, and monument companies;
  • Communicate effectively with others;
  • Review contract documents.

Physical Requirements:

  • Occasionally stand and walk during the shift.
  • Push and pull objects.
  • Frequently flex upper trunk forward at the waist and partially at the knees.
  • Occasionally rotate upper trunk to the left or right while sitting or standing.
  • Place arms above, at, or below shoulder height.
  • Coordinate eye, hand, and foot movement in order to operate a vehicle.
Job Category: Cemetery Arrangements/Sales Sales/Marketing
Company: City of Lubbock
Job Type: Full Time
Education: High School or Equivalent
Job Location: lubbock Texas
Experience: 2 - 5 years
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