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A Direct Support Professional provides an array of services which are necessary to support individuals and their families with needs related to disabilities, mental health and aging to live in community settings and provide services of fellowship, care and protections. Such services may include household work related to care such as meal preparation, bed-making, laundry and other similar services. Supports are individually planned and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals we service. this may include working at multiple homes, and locations. Direct Support Professionals are expected to maintain professionalism and provide excellent customer services at all times.


Essential Duties and Education

Interact with Individuals

  • Talk to and interact with individuals respectfully; knowledge of and sensitive to individual verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Provide guidance and assistance in order to engage individuals in activities in the home and
  • Community in ways that are relevant and in tune with individual choices, interests, and concerns. Activities may include going to sporting events or out to eat, shopping, swimming, and participating in exercise groups or church groups and other social activities as determined by an individual’s choices.
  • Work with individuals to discover and pursue personal goals in keeping with their Individual Support Plans. (ISPs)
  • Guide and assist individuals in learning activities of daily living skills (ADLs) both in the home and in the community.
  • Support individual relationships with family members, friends, guardians and other advocates. This support may include, but is not limited to correspondence and visits with family and friends and coordinating attendance at special events such as vacations, funerals, weddings and other celebrations:
  • Support each individual’s personal and family religious belief system in the home and facilitate individual’s attendance at religious services according to individual’s choice, if applicable.
  • Interact appropriately and professionally with individuals with regard to attitude} self-control, self – discipline, cooperation, tone of voice, language usage} and in other areas as needed.
  • Properly care for the house, furnishings and individuals’ clothes and make television, radio, and
  • Movie choices according to individual interests.
  • Transport individuals safely while following all guidelines pertaining to regulatory standards
  • Take care of laundry and bedding: Wash, dry, fold and put away clothes and other laundry in proper locations; change and launder wet or soiled bed sheets and disinfect bed when necessary, according to regulatory standards.

Seek and Follow the Advice and Directions of Supervisors
You must seek the advice of a Home Supervisor, Coordinator or the Director of the department. Where applicable, when you have questions concerning your performance of the functions of your job. You must follow directions and assignments given by a supervisor concerning performance of functions of this position.

Work Effectively with Coworkers
You must work ·with coworkers as a team player. You must communicate with coworkers both verbally and in ·writing. You must recognize and respond appropriately to nonverbal and situational cues from coworkers, such as when there is a need for physical assistance with individual care or verbal reinforcement relating to a behavior issue. When problems or emergencies arise, you must be willing and able to adapt to the needs of the group in the working environment.

Present a Positive Attitude and Professionalism
Present a positive attitude and maintain professionalism regarding all GCSS’ information (within the home, between homes and outside the company) regarding individual, staff and company issues. This means refraining from inappropriate comments or gossip.

Adhere to Scheduling Policies
You must be punctual and ready to start your shift at designated times and you must continue working until you are replaced by another staff person.

Adhere to Company Policies and Procedures
Adhere to all company policies and procedures as stated in the current .InCommunity Employee Handbook, InCommunity Policies and Procedures binder or other documentation.

In addition to the Essential Functions listed above, the following functions have been determined to be essential to the successful performance of awake night shifts.

  • Follow the Awake Night Shift Checklist.
    • Stay awake and alert at night.
    • Follow the house-specific Awake Night Shift Checklist it pertains to individual; specifically:
      • Check on individuals during the night as directed in their ISPs. Assist them if needs arise that require your help or presence.
      • Assist individuals with their morning routine? when your shift includes those hours.
      • Follow the protocols for when individuals are sick.
      • Notify supervisor for individual health-related questions/concerns.
    • Follow the house-specific Checklist regarding cooking, cleaning and any other household duties which are to be completed during the Awake Night shift.

Other duties as assigned.


Six months experience in developmental disabilities, mental health, or aging with the focus being in community based programs and knowledge of family systems, person centered programs and structured is preferred. Personal and/or volunteer experience is considered for employment.

Job Category: Customer Service
Job Type: Full Time
Education: High School or Equivalent
Job Location: Georgia Gwinnett County
Experience: Entry Level
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