Security Officer I/II
Under the direction of the Supervisor of Security Operations as well as direction from the Manager of Security & Parking, the Security Officers receive and transmit all incoming emergency and nonemergency telephone and radio messages to appropriate security personnel and other personnel for Hoag Hospital and its affiliates (the Organization). Function as a resource regarding information for patients, visitors, and Organization personnel. Conduct interior and exterior campus patrols to ensure a safe environment. Submits clear and concise written reports to document all the essential details of events occurring on hospital owned properties.


Routinely maintains composure under stressful conditions, setting an example for the staff. Consistently serves as a role model for staff; monitoring their interaction with other Organizational employees, patients and guests.


Recognizes unsafe situations and takes immediate action to resolve the issues wherever possible, and reports the situation from a safe distance while dispatching Emergency responders when it is not safe to intervene.


Essential Functions
Security Officers may be trained to perform all of the below job functions under every level especially for emergencies. The job duties listed under each section’s level will represent an emphasis and expectation of where a majority of that level Security Officer’s time will be spent.


Security Officer I:
  • Escort patients, psych patients, employees, separated employees.
  • Funnels issues following chain of command to the on-duty Lead Officer.
  • Communicate effectively by radio; using proper radio etiquette, and conduct frequent radio checks to ensure serviceability at all times for officer safety.
  • Key Service requests to open locked doors or cut locks.
  • Lost & Found: managing the inventory, identifying owners, handling storage of patient belongings.
  • Campus Patrols including on foot and in vehicle.
  • Patrol the Emergency Department on a consistent basis.
  • Parking Enforcement daily, during special events, stall counts, employee & patient assistance.
  • Support the Pay-to-Park program by answering customer questions and concerns, appropriately issuing validations, and effectively utilizes logs to record information.
  • Code Responses: including but not limited to responding to elopements, keeping visual on patients running from care, may need to physically intervene, calling the police department, de-escalating combative scenarios, responding to suspicious packages, working with engineering to give the all clear on various alarms ranging from fire to radioactive alarms.
  • Appropriately assesses and implements the use of restraints when assisting with agitated, confused or disruptive patient behaviors.
  • Morgue: mortuary escorting, signing off on deliveries and releases, follow set procedures including fetus, placenta, tissue procurement, organ donation, and cooler unit tracking.
  • Slip & Fall: taking notes and photos of incident to document conditions such as lighting, taking statements of fall victim and any observers.
  • Preliminary field investigations.
  • Effectively provides detailed information to local Law Enforcement, Fire Department officials, and/or other emergency personnel, upon request from Security Officers on-scene.
  • Knowledge of campus layout to answer questions on campus directions.
  • Visitor check-in after hours.
  • Lockups: items such as nightly locking of various gates, areas, and re-opening in the morning.
  • Participate in safety drills, simulate lock downs, testing panic and elevator call buttons.
  • Fire Watch: if a fire alarm goes offline to manually monitor affected area.
  • Equipment and alarm testing such as radios, doors, and elevators.
  • Security Projects as assigned.
  • Helicopter: clearing landing pad, turning on lights, escorting passengers upon arrival and departure.
  • May require travel between various Hoag locations and its affiliates.
  • Maintains a working telephone number for efficient staff recall during Emergency conditions.


Security Officer II (in addition to the above):
  • Answers all incoming telephone calls and dispatches security personnel in an expedient and professional manner.
  • Security Camera Audits: submit tickets to Engineering or Vendor if a camera ceases functioning.
  • Effectively utilizes departmental databases to capture and record all Security calls for service and Emergency Responses that occur during the shift.
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate the Video Surveillance System for live and recorded video review in support of campus safety.
  • Effectively prioritizes calls for service and Emergency Responses to ensure the highest risk calls are handled in the most expedient manner possible.
  • Monitors and audits the serviceability of video surveillance equipment, recording devices, and other related equipment and supplies on a daily basis. Immediately reports all equipment failures to the Security Supervisor or Security Manager for follow-up and repairs.
  • Maintains an understanding of the Hospital Command Structure for communications during an emergency or disaster.
  • Ensures accuracy of badge procedures for contractors.


Education, Training and Experience
Security Officer I:
  • High School Diploma, or equivalent
  • A minimum of 6 months of healthcare experience in a security related position or 1 year of relevant or equivalent experience.


Security Officer II will have, in addition to the above:
  • Basic familiarity with standard law enforcement radio codes and radio etiquette.
  • A minimum of 1 year of healthcare experience in a security related position or 2 years of relevant or equivalent experience.


  • Military, law enforcement, or other work experience that relates to code enforcement.
  • Healthcare Security experience, preferably in a hospital environment.


Skills or Other Qualifications
  • Ability to remain calm during highly stressful conditions and demonstrated ability to coordinate/ dispatch security movements in an effective manner.
  • Demonstrates the ability to make sound judgements and decisions, based on limited information.
  • Ability to successfully complete written and electronic reports and logs without grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Willingly accommodates changes in workload within the department. Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances to promote cooperation and minimize disruption to working environment.
  • Completes assignments on time with minimal disruption to peers or department.
  • Intermediate level competency of computer systems to include: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, as well as other related Security programs and equipment.
  • Capable to work in a fast-paced environment; multi-tasking and prioritizing simultaneous calls for service to ensure the most critical events are handled in an efficient and expedient manner.
  • Displays independence in pursuing own personal and professional development as it pertains to enhancing performance outcomes within the Organization.


  • Officer Safety Training, Laws of Arrest, & Handcuffing. PC832.


License and Certifications
  • Valid Bureau of Security and Investigative Services License: Security Guard or Proprietary Private Security Officer.
  • Successful completion of State and Federal Background Investigations.
  • Successfully completes a state and federal background check for access to the Child Care Center and Radiological Security Program.
  • Current California Driver’s License.
  • Record must be free from convictions or any felony/misdemeanor involving moral turpitude and excessive traffic violations.


  • IAHSS (Basic, Supervisory, Intermediate), FEMA ISC 100 & 200, HAZWOPPER
Job Category: Others
Company: Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Job Type: Full Time
Education: High School or Equivalent
Job Location: California Newport Beach
Experience: Entry Level
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